BSI ISO 9001 BSI ISO 14001 BSI ISO 18001

“Building our business based on an integrity driven approach is fundamental to our success”

“We are able to offer an unrivalled level of experience covering frontline maintenance and inspection for all types of structures, confidently ensuring your project proceeds on track”

“We are financially disciplined and therefore able to allocate capital resources in a flexible and focused manner to deliver our services competently”

“We strive to ensure that the decisions we make, take into account all health and safety, environmental and social considerations across our business units”

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GEV Offshore
provides clients with an extensive range of specialist engineering, maintenance and inspection services, available when needed and delivered on time

Core Values Page

Our People: Working towards a common goal

At GEV Offshore, we are proactive and accountable towards meeting our commitment to responsible business working. Our people frequently demonstrate our ongoing commitment to responsible working and we monitor this through a continuous feedback process with our clients. We focus on continuous improvement and innovative solutions that help us to develop our business while enhancing health, safety and environmental performance.

Health and Safety: Promoting a safe and accident free workplace

We conduct all of our operations in a way that identifies, minimises and mitigates harm to the health and safety of employees, contractors, the public and the environment. Our safety management system supports all of our operations and is backed by our membership with the British Safety Council.

The system is based on the principles found in our Corporate Statement on Health and Safety which forms an integral part of the way in which we conduct our business. We believe the continual improvements in our health and safety performance over the years can be attributed to enhanced safety awareness in all of our operations, continuous improvement of our safety management systems, and a high degree of co-operation with our contractors in meeting health and safety goals.

Enviroment: Valuing Environmental Awareness

We are committed to operating responsibly and ensuring that the way we conduct our business demonstrates our business goals. We manage all our operations in a way that identifies, minimizes and mitigates harm to the environment during project planning, implementation, client integration, operations and reporting. We recognise that every employee and contractor has a vital role to play in identifying and mitigating environmental impacts from our business operations.

We are committed to ensuring that planning, training and due diligence are key elements in our environmental management programs. Our environmental strategies target legislative standards, operations compliance and innovating our strategies and services with the overall aim of minimising our landscape footprint. The system is based on the principles found in our Corporate Statement on Environmental Protection which forms an integral part of the way in which we conduct our business.